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The Cause

Billions of people savor their favorite cup of coffee daily. In todays market much of the non-organic coffee has been treated or sprayed with DDT, Thiodan, Parquet, Furdan and many other deadly toxic substances banned for use in agriculture in many countries around the world, yet traces of these chemicals are still consumed every day by unsuspecting coffee drinkers.

What does this mean to the Non-Organic coffee consumer?

Some of these substances have been know to accumulate in the bodies tissues affecting the nervous system, liver and kidneys. Other harmful side effects of these chemicals are not just limited to humans, but birds, insects and other green thriving plant life.

By purchasing organic you not only support the earths harvest, but also the native plant life, insects, animal habitat and a safer farming enviroment for workers and generations to come.

Each time you purchase any Organic Zack's Fair traded coffee, 10% of your purchase goes back to " The Cause". Our goal is to not only help educate consumers about the benefits of organic, but to also give back to mother earths plant life and natural resources.

It's you, the consumer that casts your vote everytime you purchase a brand or product. You can make a difference by supporting Organic Fair Trade produce, coffee's and other organically grown and harvested foods.

Let's tell the whole world to… "Make It Organic Would Ya!"

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