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Why Organic?

Did you know that mass produced non-organic coffee uses 10 of the most deadiliest toxins known to man?

A few of these are...

Thiodan — Used against the coffee cherry borer. Does not dissolve readily ( but does degrade) In water and sticks to water particles. Thiodan may take years to completely break down in the soil. It is toxic to mammals, birds, and fish. It effects the central nervous system, and in animals causes kidney, testes, and liver damage. Colombia has had more than 200 human poisionings and 4 deaths in the early 90's.

Dursban — A broad spectrum organophospate used against coffee cherry borer and the coffee leaf miner. The EPA in the United States banned household use in 2000. It has caused human deaths also linked to birth defects. Dursban is highly toxic to birds, marine organisms, bees and wildlife. It was also noted as to negativly effect bird reproduction.

Basudin — Another nasty chemical used against the coffee borer. Highly toxic if inhaled by mammals. It is highly toxic to all wildlife and beneficial insects and is acutely toxic to birds. In the U.S Basudin is commonly used on turf grass, Diazinon has caused the second largest number of told incidents of bird mortality of any pesticide.

Other known pesticides and chemicals include Parquet, DDT, Furadan and many more dealdy substances that your consuming in your non-organic Coffee.

Why Choose Organic?

Eco Friendly
Roast Diversity
No Chemicals
Earth Friendly Farming
Supporting Micro Growers
Local Habitat Friendly
Healthier Lifestyle
Everytime you Purchase
Organic Zack's Premium Coffee
You are Saying NO to
Toxic Coffee Production!
"Make It Organic Would Ya!"



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